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New Edition forthcoming in 2024!
The book cover of the novel "The Looming Fog" by Rosemary Esehagu, which shows the face of a child with a tear falling from an eye. The face of the child takes the shape and place of the sun. There is also a road with bushes that forks into two roads. The sky is golden brown with scattered clouds.

The Looming Fog is a novel about an intersex child and a girl who wants to be a healer. They must find their identity in a rural African community with rigid gender roles.


Inspired by her mother's childhood and her own observation of her communities, Rosemary Esehagu writes a beautiful though heartbreaking story of our desire not  only to live, but to live well.

Published in 2006 by Oge Creations Books, The Looming Fog is the first Nigerian novel about an Intersex character. A new edition is pending in 2024 by a new publisher. Lovers of the book will love the new ending in the new edition.

“A powerful story . . . A tragic portrayal of how those who comfortably belong are blinded to all the unknowns among them.”

SUZANNE J. KESSLER, the Author of Lessons from the Intersexed and the Coauthor of Gender: An Ethnomethodological Approach


*The looming Fog (2006) is a 2020 Page Turner Award Finalist.*

What are readers saying?

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*Out of the Cocoon: The Journey to Becoming is a 2023 Page Turner Award Finalist*

The image showes an open book with capitalized words that say PAGE TURNER AWARDS FINALIST
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