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The image is  a picture of Nigeian-American writer Rosemary Esehagu. She has red hair and is smiling. She is wearing a white dress and a silver necklace with a blue globe.


Rosemary Esehagu is a published poet and the author of The Looming Fog—her debut novel. She is a native Nigerian who currently lives in Texas. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience, and she has a doctorate in Medicine.


She has published poems and other nonfiction works in different venues. She loves to dance, travel, and explore people's minds.


She abhors cold weather, so you won't find her in certain places during the winter season. Her favorite adjective to describe herself is paradoxical. You can routinely find her at her blog “Paradoxical Chameleon.

She is on social media. She is a whole being but presented in partitions (sometimes) for your comfort. Go to twitter@paradoxicalcham to see more of her advocacy self. Go to Tiktok@paradoxicalchameleon to see her more playful and silly self. Go to IG@paradoxicalchameleon to see a mix of her.

Go to the bookstore (online or onsite) to get a copy of her thoughts, packaged for your education, inspiration, and advancement.


Published by Cool Beans Lit

Published by A Little Poetry

Published by Elephant Journal

Published by plum Recruit Magazine

Published by African Writer Magazine

Published by Humans of the World (HOW)

Current Projects

Painting Wall


New edition
The Looming Fog:
A Novel

What you get when a literary, historical, and psychological novel get together to discuss gender roles and identity and to answer the question, "Is it enough to live or do you have to live well?"

Forthcoming in 2024


Out of the Cocoon: The Journey to Becoming

A prose poetry memoir about the author's thriving life in spite of traumatizing experiences in her formative years. The book is sectioned to mirror the lifecycle of a butterfly, which is rich in symbolism for her.

Forthcoming in 2024


The Super dog:
Serendipity makes
a friend

A picture book inspired by the life of the author's first dog, Serendipity. The book teaches friendship and communication.

Though the real Serendipity has crossed the rainbow bridge, she lives on in this book.

Forthcoming in 2024

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